1W7 Disconnected (group project)

27 10 2006

The Project

This week I found more of the look I will go on my project. I have made a small research on Frank Miller and he is using exactly the look I want to use. Especially “300” is an awesome comic and the movie that is coming out it is very astonishing, one of the best trailers I have ever seen. If you have time visit http://300themovie.warnerbros.com/  and check… well everything. I also start doing sketches using Frank Millers work as reference. I have also start working on my “sketches site” where I will present my sketches, pictures, videos etc


This week we start working on a group project. We decide to do a show at Tate Britain. The show will have title “disconnected” and each of us will have to present his work by the use of Nokia 95. Instead of paintings we will have mobiles. We choose Nokia and Vodafone for sponsors. Of course all these will be “imaginary”. On Tuesdays chat we split the work to be done among the group. I have assign to make the timeframe.  

The Blog

As I said before this week I start working on my interactive “sketches site”. It should be ready in a couple of days.




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