1W6 Time (group project)

23 10 2006

The Project

I think I got to a stage where I know exactly how my visuals will be. At the begging I was thinking to go and produce a cartoon style 3d animation, but I decide that I will go more onto realistic 3d modelling and environment. I decide that, because I have already done a cartoon short film and I think it will be a greater challenge for me to go with the “realistic” look.


This week I create a small video for the MADA group project “time”. My theme was dance. I shoot on camera two people dancing. The story and the idea is that two people can come close to each other in less than 25sec., so at the begging I have the female figure doing some erotic moves before they actually come close to each other and start to dance.

The Blog

I came to a conclusion that it will be better to build an interactive site for my images, sketches and videos and just add a link on my main blog. That way I will have a greater control over the way I will present them.





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