1W5 Presentation and debate

11 10 2006

The Project

I finally gather enough info about my sons’ thoughts; now I can start working on the actual story that I will animate and on some more specific character design. I also made a list of keywords and I wrote down couple of his stories.


This week we had a debate about the definition of digital art and time. Then on Tuesday on chat session we discussed how we can make a presentation as a group with the theme digital art and time. We came up with the idea of using Google earth and each of as add his information (location, short movie about time and link to it) and then chain email to each other, so each of us will add the cords of the next person into Google earth.

The Blog

I am still not sure if I want to use blog site to present any image, like photos, video clips, sketches etc. I am thinking of building a flash site just for that and add a link to my blog site. I rather have an interactive site of the images so viewers can have a better navigation within the images.




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