1W3 My Research

11 10 2006

The Project

On Tuesday (26.9.06) we had an f2f tutorial. I chat with Jonathan about my project. He gave me something to think about my project… maybe more about my research and my project. He asked me if the audience need to know that the story is my sons’ story, or it can be any once child story. He really put me into thoughts so I decide that this will be my main research. Do kids think alike? We also talked about the methods I will use to record my sons thoughts like audio recordings, video, photos, notes, his drawings etc


As I said previously on Tuesday we had a tutorial. I think it is great that we will do this more often. Jonathan helped me a lot and answered all of my questions.This week we choose or better forced Jessica to be our rep in Group A. I am sure she will there if we need her.

The Blog

I decide that I will keep my blog / project web site here at wordpress.com for various reasons, but mostly so I can make easily and fast updates and all in one easy access place.




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