1W1 The start

11 10 2006

Be part of it…

So nice to have all of these artists in one chat room. Very chaotic and interesting place to be. You just see ideas and “images” popping out of no where. Yes, that was our first online meeting. I got accepted in this course an hour before the first online meeting. I was excited to get into MADA, but after meeting all of the people and especially the tutors I got more excited than before. At the very beginning I wasn’t sure what I was going to meet, how the course would worked out etc, you see last year I tried to get my MA from a different University, but I last there just 2 months and the reason was that the way and the structure of the course and tutoring was far away from creative and inspiring.

The Blackboard

This system rocks. Very nice and well put together. This is the system they use at Collage for online help and tutoring. I spent 2-3 days just navigating around. I love the discussion board and I love the idea that people have the time to read and response to your ideas, thoughts and drop a line of there opinion.

My Blog

Well I finally made it; I build my own blog site. At first I was a bit in doubt if I want to go so global with this project. I guess is the ‘main’ hero of my project that made me feel like that. The idea of having my kid be part of this project…well it is a challenge.

The Project

I have been doing some research about my project. I gather and order some books that will help me and I had to think how I will be able to capture at any time my sons’ thoughts. I end up ordering a new mobile phone with high quality of video (Nokia n93 – for the record) so I can grab him at any time with voice and motion picture. He tends to think out loud when he plays in his play room with his toys so this will be a great help to me.





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